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"My income has almost quadrupled since being mentored by Andrew"

"He is a master of his craft, possessing a mind teeming with original ideas covering everything from software design to resource management."

Dr. Riccardo Bennett-Lovsey

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The Reference Architecture Mentorship Online Program

Are you fed up with doing the same tedious software project after the other?

Do you want to be seen as the respected software architect everyone looks up to?

And do you feel you should be paid way more than you are now?

Then join our Reference Architecture Mentorship Online Program today!

No long commitments - just month-by-month - weekly online sessions.

Enhanced Career Options

Build up your skills and knowledge and create a portfolio of designs to share with prospect employers.

More Interesting and Bigger Projects

Understanding and speaking the business language, allows you to assume responsibility for bigger and more interesting projects.

Significantly Increase Your Income

Move your career forward and enjoy better offers from employers or command higher fees when self-employed.

Only Limited Spaces are Available in Each Cohort. Reserve Your Space Now!

30 Architectures,
100 Business Scenarios

Month by month, you will study online the 30 Reference Architectures that form the basis for any design.

For each Reference Architecture, we look at at least 3 different business scenarios, giving you 100 different designs at the end of the course.

Download the homework and complete it at your own pace.

Then, book your personal review session during the weekly online coaching calls. Get feedback from your mentor and your peers to become the best version of yourself.


"When I first worked with Andrew it felt like his approach was too simple. Two weeks in and I wondered why everyone else makes life so complex. Highly recommended"

Ben Smith, COO at Methodical


Don't Go On A Course,
Start Developing Yourself

Sitting in on a software development course or an architecture course like TOGAF will not make you a software architect or CTO.

You need to develop yourself. Change the way you think and speak.

Within Reference Architecture Mentorship, we take you on an online journey and all the materials, weekly online coaching calls, homework and exercises are designed to change you into a Technology Leader.

No Boring, Dull and Dry Courseware

We are convinced that you will not have great benefits from watching all sorts of courseware and then doing some sort of online exam.

At Reference Architecture Mentorship you will build your skills and knowledge in a practical way.


More Than 2,000 People Have Already Benefitted From Our Mentorship Programs



Radu Purdea - Lead Developer

"I have always thought I would eventually be a software architect at some point, but under Andrew's mentorship and guidance, I was able to become a very good one in a very short period of time.

Andrew's wisdom and experience opened my eyes and re-worked my brain to make me 'see' how a system should be designed, what questions to ask, how use-cases get broken down into code and shared many resources like books, video tutorials, and every diagram you can possibly imagine."

30 Reference Architectures

Everything you need to create every design you will ever have to deliver.

Live Mentoring & Homework

Learning by doing. Weekly live mentoring calls will keep you on course to grow.

Transformation of Yourself

Month-by-month you will transform how you think and communicate. 

See What Our Students Are Saying About Us!

"Andrew provided me with the much needed mentorship" - Tosh


Julius Popoola - Senior Software Engineer at Sky

"Andrew has excellent mentorship skills in Software Architecture and Software development. The group organises architecture practice sessions using real commercial problems to teach techniques for architecting software solutions.."

Stop Dreaming - Become a Technology Leader You Deserve to Be


This is your start to become a software architect or even a CTO. Join over 1,000 others that have done this before you.

Don't delay and start today. Take control of your destiny and enrol now!

Study the 30 reference architectures & 100 business scenarios

Mentorship, online coaching, presentation, and homework reviews

Transform your thinking and speaking - become a partner for the business

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